Peter Brehm
Peter Brehm has been producing wine for over forty years (he started young). He is self-educated in both viticulture and enology. Peter started his wine career as a home winemaker and shortly after that first fermentation, he established and operated a retail store selling winemaking and brewing supplies. Peter also worked short-term at Buena Vista winery in Napa Valley, running the harvest crew; and, as a “jack-of-all-wine-trades” at Cape Mentelle in Western Australia.

Prior to winemaking, Peter studied economics and business, attended law school, was a commercial fisherman, served in the Peace Corps, and more. Always the innovator, Peter has more ideas than a lifetime can support. He is determined and is never afraid to try something new.

In 1989 he purchased a declining pear orchard in Underwood, WA, and transformed it into one of the most beautiful vineyards in the Gorge. The grapes speak for themselves. Peter has been actively involved in the wine grape industry for over forty years and has made important contributions throughout his career.