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 Dry, Fresh, with a pleasing Spicy Richness for food or Relaxing Spicy White is a dry table wine for entertaining, relaxing and fun. A combination of Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer grapes compliment each other. The lush mouth feel of the Chardonnay, and its rich fullness provide a background upon which the unique spice and flavor of [...]

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White Salmon Vineyard Producer of Fine Wines Grower of Premium Wine Grapes


White Salmon Vineyard Producer of Fine Wines Grower of Premium Wine Grapes The Vineyard This unique property in Underwood, WA, was  transformed twenty-five years ago from an aging pear orchard into a thriving vineyard. The location was specifically picked for its potential to grow world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Among  other varietals [...]

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WSV Background:  White Salmon Vineyard is principally about a place. A beautiful place well suited to be one of the world’s fine wine destinations. This emerging wine region is now in the process of tailoring its wine grape clones and trellising to the best advantage of each climate. The young vines’ wine gives a [...]




Rich, Pure Pinot Noir – minimal oak, Lush Mouth Feel, for Fine Dining and Cellaring A hand grown, hand made wine, classic in nature, is designed for aging and a pure representation of the vineyard. All grapes are grown and made at White Salmon Vineyard.  The wine is focused on the grapes, creating a [...]

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A WINE to compliment your FINE DINING A unique wine due to vine’s heritage and vineyard location. This rare clone of Chardonnay planted on a volcanic mountain in the Northwest’s very cool Columbia Gorge AVA provides a classic style Chardonnay with a hint of oak, lush mouth feel,  and refreshing mineral flavors.  The vines’ [...]


About our Wines


The Wines: White Salmon Vineyard markets wines under two brands: White Salmon Vineyard: wines produced from grapes grown at Our Vineyard, all or in part, are labeled White Salmon Vineyard. Wines made from 100% White Salmon Vineyard grapes are labeled "estate". Brehm Vineyards: wines produced from grapes grown on other vineyards are labeled Brehm Vineyards. Some grapes are [...]

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Big White ~ Chardonnay


  Think of a wine somewhere between California and Burgundy. A classic Chardonnay, not oakd, dry with a lush mouth feel. Balanced in natural acid with a pleasing, mineral aftertaste. Planted and grown by the Brehms, proprietors of White Salmon Vineyard. The wine is about location and an attempt to allow the vineyard and their grapes express thenselves – without manipulation. Grown [...]

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2009 San Crispin Field Blend Estate Bottled


  2009 San Crispin Field Blend Estate Bottled There are times when we are inspired, emotionally provoked to accomplish a task which a casual observer may believe unachievable. Such emotion, such inspiration goes to a variety of human endeavors along the Columbia River. As an ongoing student and wine professional I have been inspired and provoked [...]

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Perfect Blend


  Dry, Soft & Vibrant with pleasing Berry Aromas and lingering after taste Lot 2 Perfect Blend is the result of attempting to grow a full flavored red wine in a climate where Pinot Noir thrives (quite cool). Malbec and Syrah were planted to achieve this end. Both grapes were known to be enjoyable, [...]

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Field Blend


  A full bodied wine pleases with deep red color, filling the nose with pleasing aromatics of dark fruit and roses.  It enlivens & refreshes the mouth with fun & serious fullness. The deep color shows the Malbec grapes with its blueberry nuances. Syrah provides complexity with a pleasant aromatic fruit aroma and a [...]

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