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Pinot Noir Grapes


Pinot Noir Pinot Noir grows best in poor soil where the plant produces a small crop. WSV's Pinot Noir grows in a light, red, volcanic soil filled with rocks - many, many rocks. A 5.5 foot wall, often more than four feet thick diving the vineyards is but one accumulation of rock. The poor soil [...]

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Perfect Blend


This is a fresh, dry, balanced red wine for everyday enjoyment. Malbec and Syrah grapes are blended together from our Columbia Gorge vineyard with wine from the warmer Columbia Valley. The fresh, vibrant fruit of our grapes is complemented by a small addition of the soft, lush wine from Eastern Washington. These complementary components make [...]

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Made in the Vineyard makes for great wine


Tom Eddy, a Napa professional winemaker, response to, ‘What is your philosophy on wine making?’ was: “I think it all begins in the vineyard. Europeans have always known this; they've experimented with it, they understand it, and it’s become part of their culture. We haven’t done that.  We've thought, incorrectly, that we could just make [...]

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Chardonnay Grapes


Award winning wine requires award winning grapes. Chardonnay Selected clones of French Chardonnay were planted with clonal selections acquired by Peter Brehm over his 36 years of working with the West's finest vineyards. And so is it in the Pinot Noir planting of White Salmon Vineyard. An mélange of clones dominated by #115, followed [...]

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