Think of a wine somewhere between California and Burgundy.

A classic Chardonnay, not oakd, dry with a lush mouth feel. Balanced in natural acid with a pleasing, mineral aftertaste. Planted and grown by the Brehms, proprietors of White Salmon Vineyard. The wine is about location and an attempt to allow the vineyard and their grapes express thenselves – without manipulation. Grown and guided into a wine for your table.


Big White Chardonnay grows on deep red, volcanic soil with patches of rock in the midsection and clay on its northern edges. It has proved to be an ideal location for production of fresh, complex Chardonnay. The vineyard expresses itself in a lush, lighter style of wine with pear and mineral qualities.

This is a rather unique unique Chardonnay. The 2011 wines produced exclusively from these grapes by other wineries garnered ‘Top 100 of 2013’ status from the Wine Enthusiast and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Some folks relate to wine as music. If California’s Central Coast Chardonnay is done in a Wagnerian style, and the Carneros / Russian River is Beethoven, we refer to the White Salmon style as Bach – fresh, pleasingly light and complex.


  • 100% Columbia Gorge Chardonnay
  • Grown and Fermented at White Salmon Vineyard
  • Alcohol 12.5%
  • Unoaked
  • Bottled:  Nov. 21, 2012
  • Cases Bottled: 361