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Rich, Pure Pinot Noir – minimal oak, Lush Mouth Feel, for Fine Dining and Cellaring A hand grown, hand made wine, classic in nature, is designed for aging and a pure representation of the vineyard. All grapes are grown and made at White Salmon Vineyard.  The wine is focused on the grapes, creating a [...]

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2009 San Crispin Field Blend Estate Bottled


  2009 San Crispin Field Blend Estate Bottled There are times when we are inspired, emotionally provoked to accomplish a task which a casual observer may believe unachievable. Such emotion, such inspiration goes to a variety of human endeavors along the Columbia River. As an ongoing student and wine professional I have been inspired and provoked [...]

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Perfect Blend


  Dry, Soft & Vibrant with pleasing Berry Aromas and lingering after taste Lot 2 Perfect Blend is the result of attempting to grow a full flavored red wine in a climate where Pinot Noir thrives (quite cool). Malbec and Syrah were planted to achieve this end. Both grapes were known to be enjoyable, [...]

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Field Blend


  A full bodied wine pleases with deep red color, filling the nose with pleasing aromatics of dark fruit and roses.  It enlivens & refreshes the mouth with fun & serious fullness. The deep color shows the Malbec grapes with its blueberry nuances. Syrah provides complexity with a pleasant aromatic fruit aroma and a [...]

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Perfect Blend


This is a fresh, dry, balanced red wine for everyday enjoyment. Malbec and Syrah grapes are blended together from our Columbia Gorge vineyard with wine from the warmer Columbia Valley. The fresh, vibrant fruit of our grapes is complemented by a small addition of the soft, lush wine from Eastern Washington. These complementary components make [...]

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Made in the Vineyard makes for great wine


Tom Eddy, a Napa professional winemaker, response to, ‘What is your philosophy on wine making?’ was: “I think it all begins in the vineyard. Europeans have always known this; they've experimented with it, they understand it, and it’s become part of their culture. We haven’t done that.  We've thought, incorrectly, that we could just make [...]

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Estate San Crispin Field Cuveé


San Crispin may also benefit from decanting. It may enhance the wine's nice deep color and white pepper, dried fruit nose. This Rhone like wine shows its cool origin with bright acidity, touch of oak and noticeable tannins. We expect this wine will age well and be prime in three years. [...]

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