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White Salmon Vineyard Producer of Fine Wines Grower of Premium Wine Grapes


White Salmon Vineyard Producer of Fine Wines Grower of Premium Wine Grapes The Vineyard This unique property in Underwood, WA, was  transformed twenty-five years ago from an aging pear orchard into a thriving vineyard. The location was specifically picked for its potential to grow world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Among  other varietals [...]

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WSV Background:  White Salmon Vineyard is principally about a place. A beautiful place well suited to be one of the world’s fine wine destinations. This emerging wine region is now in the process of tailoring its wine grape clones and trellising to the best advantage of each climate. The young vines’ wine gives a [...]


About our Wines


The Wines: White Salmon Vineyard markets wines under two brands: White Salmon Vineyard: wines produced from grapes grown at Our Vineyard, all or in part, are labeled White Salmon Vineyard. Wines made from 100% White Salmon Vineyard grapes are labeled "estate". Brehm Vineyards: wines produced from grapes grown on other vineyards are labeled Brehm Vineyards. Some grapes are [...]

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Made in the Vineyard makes for great wine


Tom Eddy, a Napa professional winemaker, response to, ‘What is your philosophy on wine making?’ was: “I think it all begins in the vineyard. Europeans have always known this; they've experimented with it, they understand it, and it’s become part of their culture. We haven’t done that.  We've thought, incorrectly, that we could just make [...]

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