Purchase Frozen Grapes

Order frozen grapes to fit your personal schedule. For your convenience, we have freezer locations in Richmond, CA; Chicago, IL; and Portland, OR.

If you are unable to pick up fresh grapes or you do not have the time to make wine during the harvest season, your best alternative is to purchase frozen grapes. Peter Brehm came up with the idea of processing and freezing grapes forty years ago as a way of preserving the freshness while having the ability to ship all over the country and into Canada. Another milestone in his career.

Black grapes for wine making



Purchase Fresh Grapes

Fresh grapes are available for pick-up only. We do not ship fresh grapes because we do not want to compromise the quality. Fresh grapes can be ordered and picked up at White Salmon Vineyard.  Call 510-527-3675 or email grapes@brehmvineyards.com.


White grapes