Tom Eddy, a Napa professional winemaker, response to, ‘What is your philosophy on wine making?’ was:

“I think it all begins in the vineyard. Europeans have always known this; they’ve experimented with it, they understand it, and it’s become part of their culture. We haven’t done that.  We’ve thought, incorrectly, that we could just make wine in a laboratory and let the growers do what they wanted to do to bring in the fruit………Now, in an effort to make better wines and impact wine profiles, we’ve learned that the biggest impact we could make was not in the lab, but in the field. We know now that it’s not about the brix: it’s about optimizing the quality of the vineyard……The most dramatic thing that’s changed in the last 30 years is the winemaker is going into the vineyard. That’s the absolute key.”

terrainHere at White Salmon Vineyard, we know this to be true.  Our winery is a mere stone’s throw from the vineyard.  Everything ties together, and that’s what makes for great wines.