Dry, Soft & Vibrant with pleasing Berry Aromas and lingering after taste

Lot 2 Perfect Blend is the result of attempting to grow a full flavored red wine in a climate where Pinot Noir thrives (quite cool). Malbec and Syrah were planted to achieve this end. Both grapes were known to be enjoyable, refreshing when harvested at low sugar. The quest was for a wine of reasonable alcohol and enjoyable flavors was followed. While warmer vintages have allowed WSV to achieve their goal of a lush red wine, there have been vintages of wonderful flavors with high acidity.

The estate grown Syrah & Malbec were aged in neutral barrels for over a year. In vintages when this blend of WSV’s grapes tastes a bit tart, we look to the warmth of Eastern Washinington grapes to balance the acidity. A Malbec wine from the East, of nice character and low acidity, was added to create WSV’s Lot 2 Perfect Blend.

White Salmon grapes compose 85% of the wine, estate grown in the Columbia Gorge ava. Alcohol of wine is 13%.

A wine that is a blend of grape varietals in the vineyard and a blend of the cool climate of the Washington’s Cascade Mountains and Eastern, warm desert – a Perfect Blend!




  • 85% grown & fermented by White Salmon Vineyard
  • Malbec & Syrah Blend
  • 13% alcohol
  • Aged in neutral oak 450 cases in Lot #2