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  • This off-dry Rosé has an incredibly luscious mouth-feel with notes of melon and strawberry. The perfect picnic companion for a sunny afternoon.
  • The vintage, primarily from 2009, has aged remarkably well. A classic rich mouth feel coated with apples and a petrol quality unique to Rieslings. These  grapes were sourced from our neighbors up the hill at Underwood Mountain Vineyards. 
  • A complex and dry Riesling, dominated by notes of granny-smith apples, lemon rind and almonds with a touch of nectarine. This wine will age gracefully as it develops savory petrol flavors.
  • These grapes are grown in a cool section of white Salmon Vineyard. A balanced, big wine with high acid and full body. Barrel aged in neutral oak, with a muted, elegant nose, the wine follows with luscious fruit-rich flavors. It's freshness cleans the palate leaving distinct Sauvignon Blanc character.
  • A surprisingly rich, full-bodied wine with complex aromas dominated by tangerine, citrus and apple. The lush mouth-feel is balanced with fresh fruit and a finish that lingers and lingers. The grapes were late-harvested on November 14, 2015. Technically dry on the Riesling scale with 0.8% residual sugar, this wine has just a touch of sweetness.
  • These Sauvignon Blanc grapes were left on the vines in Santa Barbara County in an effort to produce a Sauterne style wine with botrytised grapes. The botrytis, also known as noble rot, causes the grapes to shrivel, concentrating the sugars to create a very sweet and luscious dessert wine. The vibrant acidity balances the sweet flavors of apricot, marmalade and honey. Produced and bottled by White Salmon Vineyard.
  • Our Pinot Noir is a blend of Dijon clones closely planted on rocky, volcanic soil. Aged in neutral French oak, this classic Pinot Noir expresses notes of strawberry, cranberry, cherry and pepper with a lovely lingering finish. Received a Double-Gold Medal at the Seattle Wine Awards. 
  • Ages with Grace 
    We grow a unique clone of Chardonnay that truly reflect the Burgundian heritage. Its roots reach deep into well-drained soils, traversed with lenses of volcanic rocks. The vines are nestled in a relatively warmer, less windy nook edged with a massive stonewall and surrounded by a fir and oak woodlot. The yeast lees are stirred to create lushness in the mouth, to naturally inhibit oxidation and round the edges of the wine. This a great opportunity to explore the aging potential of Chardonnay 14 years after harvest. On that note, this wine has begun its elegant decline. It is on sale for $10 per bottle or $90 per case.   
  • San Crispin Field is located in the Southwest section of White Salmon Vineyard. Closely planted vines of Malbec, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are hand-tended and harvested. In this true field blend, the varieties are co-fermented in a prime example of wine made in the vineyard. Aged for 22 months in neutral french oak.  This wine reflects its cool origin with bright acidity. Dominated by rich cherry, white pepper and dried fruit with integrated oak and soft tannins.  4  
  • This rare clone of Chardonnay is planted on a volcanic mountain on the cooler Western edge of Columbia Gorge AVA. A classic Chardonnay with a hint of oak, lush mouth feel,  with notes of lemon and sweet apple . 
  •  Closely planted vines of Malbec and Syrah are co-fermented and aged in oak for 22 months.  Notes of cherry, blueberry and white pepper. This wine reflects its cool origin with bright acidity.   
  • Our Pinot Noir is a blend of Dijon clones closely planted on rocky, volcanic soil. Aged in neutral French oak, this delicate Pinot Noir expresses notes of strawberry, rose, cranberry and white pepper.
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