• This off-dry Rosé has an incredibly luscious mouth-feel with notes of melon and strawberry. The perfect picnic companion for a sunny afternoon.
  • The vintage, primarily from 2009, has aged remarkably well. A classic rich mouth feel coated with apples and a petrol quality unique to Rieslings. These  grapes were sourced from our neighbors up the hill at Underwood Mountain Vineyards. 
  • These Sauvignon Blanc grapes were left on the vines in Santa Barbara County in an effort to produce a Sauterne style wine with botrytised grapes. The botrytis, also known as noble rot, causes the grapes to shrivel, concentrating the sugars to create a very sweet and luscious dessert wine. The vibrant acidity balances the sweet flavors of apricot, marmalade and honey. Produced and bottled by White Salmon Vineyard.
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